History of the journal is tightly tied to the most tragic events in the history of Russian biology progress of which in the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century was acknowledged by the world scientific community, and to political events in the Soviet Union of that time.

On June 9th, 1931 by the order of the Soviet Commissariat for Agriculture the Bulleten’ Yarovizatsii [Vernalization Bulletin]project was started to popularize «scientific works» of T.D. Lysenko, a 34 year-old favorite of I.V. Stalin and the fighter against genetics, Mendel, Morgan and Weisman. For the next 35 years the bulletin was used to control and repress Soviet biology and the most prominent Soviet biologists. In 1935 the bulletin was renamed and published under the title Yarovizatsiya [Vernalization], and in 1946 it was renamed to Agrobiology, issued until 1966 when the career of T.D. Lysenko has been finished due to final end of the I.V. Stalin’s personal cult.

In 1966 Sel’skokhozyaistvennaya biologiya [AGRICULTURAL BIOLOGY] was founded as a scientific journal published by the «Kolos» All-Union Publisher (it was later reorganized into «Agropromizdat» All-Union Publishing Unit) including the journal editorial office. The journal was issued in tight scientific relation with V.I. Lenin All Union Academy of Agricultural Science (VASHNIL) and the Russian Academy of Agricultural Science (RASHN). Since 1992 Agricultural Biology Editorial Office NPO is the publisher of Sel’skokhozyaistvennaya biologiya [AGRICULTURAL BIOLOGY] journal (print and online).

Editors-in-Chief of the journal were Prof. B.A. Rubin (in 1966-1977), Prof. N.I. Volodarsky (in 1978-1982), Dr. V.I. Georgievsky (1983-1992), V.M. Anan’ina, PhD (in 1992-1995), E.M. Borisova (in 1995-2006), L.M. Fedorova, PhD (since 2007).

A member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Prof. A.A. Zhuchenko (plant biology) and a member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Prof. L.K. Ernst (animal biology) were the Chairmen of Editorial Board.

The members of the Editorial Board over different periods were Prof. D.K. Belyaev, Prof. N.I.Volodarsky, Prof. A.D. Voronin, Prof. I.I. Gunar, Prof. I.E. Glushchenko, Prof. M.S. Dunin, Prof. Kh.K. Enikeev, Prof. Ya.R. Kovalenko, Prof. A.L. Kursanov, Prof. N.A. Maisuryan, Prof. E.N. Mishustin, Prof. B.S. Moshkov, Prof. G.S. Muromtsev, Prof. A.A. Nichiporovich, Prof. A.K. Fedorov, Prof. N.A. Shmanenkov, Prof. V.M. Yudin, Prof. N.V. Tsitsin, Prof. D.G. Konarev, Prof. N.V. Turbin, Prof. N.N. Arkhangel’sky, Prof. A.P. Dmitrochenko, Prof. A.I. Zadontsev, Prof. N.V. Likhachev, Prof. P.P Luk’yanenko, Prof. Ya.S. Nesterov, Prof. V.N. Remeslo, Prof. A.D. Sineshchekov, Prof. B.N. Tarusov, Prof. M.I. Khadzhinov, Prof. V.G. Yakovlev, Prof. I.G. Atabekov, Prof. O.A. Berestetsky, Prof. N.A. Korneev, Prof. N.N. Mikhailov, Prof. K.V. Novozhilov, Prof. A.S. Novoselova, Prof. F.Yu. Palfiy, Prof. A.A. Sozinov, Prof. A.F. Stel’makh, Prof. F.F. Eisner, Prof. N.N. Balashova, Prof. P.L. Goncharov, Prof. V.A. Dragavtsev, Prof. V.A. Kumakov, Prof. Yu.S. Nasyrov, Prof. A.S. Obraztsov, Prof. V.F. Pivovarov, Prof. E.D. Sverdlov, Prof. E.N. Sedov, Prof. I.A. Tikhonovich, Prof. L.V. Khotyleva, Prof. V.K. Shumny, Prof. E.Kh. Daugalieva, Prof. N.M. Dmitriev, Prof. B.D. Kal’nitsky, Prof. G.F. Koromyslov, Prof. B.P. Mikhailichenko, Prof. A.M. Smirnov, Prof. A.P. Soldatov, Prof. K.G. Skryabin, Prof.T.I. Tikhonenko, Prof. V.I. Fisinin, Prof. P.N. Kharchenko, Prof. A.N. Panin, Prof. A.S. Shpakov, Prof. K.F. Bespalova, Prof. E.I. Ermakov, Prof. B.M. Mirkin, Dr. I.V. Savchenko, Prof. V.L. Vladimirov, Prof. I.A. Egorov, Prof. A.Ya. Samuilenko, Prof. Yu.N. Fedorov, Prof. N.S. Shevelev.

In the archive of Agricultural Biology Editorial Office NPO there are hard copies of Sel’skokhozyaistvennaya biologiya issues since 1966.


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