• Agricultural biology is a system of sciences concerning the specific subjects — the living organisms, changed artificially according to requirements of people wellness. To reflect this field of knowledge is the main matter of the «Sel’skokhozyaistvennaya biologiya» journal.
  • The activity of the journal is traditionally directed by the leading scientists, and the received manuscripts are thoroughly reviewed, selected and processed. For more than 40 year the reputation of the journal as an academician issue of admittedly high scientific level have being confirmed. To keep and to improve this tradition are our special goals.
  • The journal represents data on modern achievements in genetics, breeding, pests and diseases protection, molecular biology, gene and cell technologies, nanotechnologies, cytology and cytogenetics, physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, radiobiology, immunity, ecology, ethology etc. concerning agricultural plants, animals and microorganisms. To provide the information support for the most actual investigations and the cooperation of modern and classical fields of knowledge for formation of scientific orienteers is considered by us as one of the most important mission.
  • The journal represents reviews, problem and discussion articles equally with experimental reports in all fields of biology. The interdisciplinary character of journal existing historically leads to understanding the profile investigations in system-defined context that has being always considered as an important activity.
  • As a special goal, attention is paid to provide supporting young scientists’ works.
  • The publications about the activity of Russian agricultural biologists and memorial dates are aimed to consolidate past and modern biological science as the base for the future.
  • Due to information about events, issued books, the practical effects resulted from scientific explorations etc. the journal implements the task to be an actual mean for communication making connections between the readers in all aspects of current scientific life in Russia and abroad.


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