M.H. Jafarov, V.I. Maksimov, S.Yu. Zaitsev. Steroids. Structure, preparation, properties and biological dignificance, applications in medicine and veterinary medicine. St. Petersburg: Publishing House "Lan’", 2011, 288 p.

The manual covers and systematizes the current knowledge of biochemistry and physiology of human, animal and plant steroids. There are reviewed their general characteristics, classification and nomenclature, the history of discovery and study of the most important steroids. The role, biosynthesis, metabolism and occurrence in the nature of sterols, sapogenins and alkaloids, bile acids, cardiotonic and vitasteroids, holestans, corticoid, male and female sex hormones are discussed. In detail, the mechanism of cholesterol biosynthesis, and examples of chemical methods of its synthesis are considered. The modern views on the mechanism of steroid hormones’ action are emphasized. The methods of isolation, purification and identification of steroid substances are described, as well as the practical use of steroids in medicine, veterinary medicine and agriculture are under the consideration. The manual is intended for students in higher education for veterinary medicine and animal husbandry with specializations in veterinary biochemistry, biophysics, and other veterinary biological specialties, as well as for postgraduate students and researchers, scientists. It may also be useful for professionals in sport and healthcare.


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