Fertil. Soils , 2001, 34: 349 356 Foster R.C. Microenvironments of soil microorganisms.
BIOLOG system now is under development and testing, and with the accumulation of experimental data and critical analysis, it has good prospects in soil ecology, in research of the relationship between microorganisms and plants, and in assessment of the impact of anthropogenic factors. Кeywords: association,

In calves aged 2 days, these differences persisted and even slightly increased for
Age dynamics of the intensity of free radical oxidation of lipids and the content of fat soluble natural antioxidants in the blood serum of calves the Red Pied breed after birth X ± x , Novousmansky region of Voronezh province Indicator Group of calves I colostrum II colostrum Free radical oxidation of lipids

Nauchno obosnovannaya sistema polucheniya zdorovogo molodnyaka i profilaktika zheludochno kishechnykh boleznei novorozhdennykh telyat
Prevalence of endometritis during the postpartum period and its impact on subsequent reproductive performance in two Japanese dairy herds. Anim. Reprod. Sci ., 2009, 116 3 4 : 175 187 Dubuc J., Duffield T.F., Leslie K.E., Walton J.S., Leblanc S.J. Effects of postpartum uterine diseases on milk production and culling in dairy cows.

I 2 Йонкер ван Тетс , Нива Миннесота x Чулковская и 111 19 81 Йонкер ван Тетс,
Lam. 9 . Целью исследований было выявление ценных семей, в которых выщепляются сеянцы с комплексом хозяйственно полезных признаков или выдающиеся генотипы по отдельным признакам. Методика. Наблюдения проводились в 2009 году на селекционном участке Всероссийского НИИ селекции плодовых культур ВНИИСПК,

Electron . Agric ., 2010, 70 2 : 328 336 Inge Vechtomov
The first experiment showed that the using of preparations for the destruction of plant s residues leads to a gradual leveling of the soil’s conditions and to reducing of the variance of plant s heights, which were been grown on these soils. Without these preparations, the dispersion of plant s heights increases with each successive year.

Tag ДНК полимеразу, стабилизатор полимеразы. К сухой смеси добавляли раствор геномной ДНК 10 мкл и праймеры 20 пмоль .
F . graminearum в процессе селекции на повышенную устойчивость к фузариозной корневой гнили. Для сравнения межсортовых различий в анализ были включены семена сорта Диас 2. При выделении ДНК использовали набор «Diatom DNA Prep 100» ООО «Биоком», Россия . Методика выделения основана на сорбции преимущественно высокомолекулярной фракции нуклеиновых кислот на частицах сорбента,

Excel. Результаты. В яблоках содержание пектиновых веществ в среднем составляет от 0,3 до 2,4 в расчете на сырую массу 1,
Excel. Результаты. В яблоках содержание пектиновых веществ в среднем составляет от 0,3 до 2,4 в расчете на сырую массу 1, 10, 11 , в плодах районированных и наиболее перспективных российских сортов — 6,5 в расчете на сухую массу . Максимальное содержание пектиновых веществ зарегистрировано у сорта Персиковое — 17,8 12 .

Russ. . Bieby V.T., Siti R.S.A., Hassan B., Mushrifah
Lr24 significantly correlate with leaf rust manifestations. The leaf rust severity intensified significantly as the coefficients of Al, K, CR, Fe, Co, Ni, Sb, and Cd biological accumulation in the flag leaves increased. The line with Lr34 gene, encoding a wheat protein similar to ABC transporters, differs from the other lines in lower biological accumulation coefficients for some toxic elements when compared to the lines which express plant

SFR 195 67 31,2 33,6 36,5 36,9 83 32,6 32,4 32,2 30,1
Gluten content in flour varied unequally in different populations with change of generation and environmental conditions. As a rule, F3 hybrids Tulaykovskaya 5 x SFR 195 11 05 and F 3 Tulaykovskaya zolotistaya x SFR 195 11 05 demonstrated the higher gluten content than the preceding generation hybrids

грузоперевозки Александров
SecY gene is conservative, unlike other genes recommended for diagnosis. The designed primers allow identification of all Candidatus Phytoplasma solani strains which sequences we found in the GenBank NCBI Nucleotide database on January 16, 2019. The developed reagent kit was tested using various Real

Mikroelementy v meditsine , 2008, 9 1 2 : 52 in Russ.
Nanotechnology research directions for societal needs in 2020. Science Policy Reports, V. 1 . Springer, Dordrecht, 2011:1 28 Hooley G., Piercy N.F., Nicoulaud B. Marketing strategy and competitive positioning . London, 2012. Makarov D.V. Vestnik KRAUNTS. Fiziko matematicheskie nauki , 2014, 1 8 : 97 102 in

Praktikum po biokhimii rastenii Practical work on plant biochemistry .
Geneticheskie osnovy radiorezistentnosti i evolyutsiya Evolution and the genetic bases for radioresistance . Moscow, 1993. Konarev V.G. Belki rastenii kak geneticheskie markery Plant proteins as genetic markers . Moscow, 1983. Sozinov A.A. Polimorfizm belkov i ego znachenie v genetike i selektsii Protein polymorphism and its role in genetics and breeding .

Plant Microbe Interact ., 2006, 19: 827 837 Holliday
RF13H, and the average number of all type infected tubers was about 50 lower among those treated with Pseudomonas spp. RF13H comparing to untreated ones. This trend continued for 3 month storage, i.e. the amount of infected untreated tubers reached 30 and reduced up to 10 13 , when treatment with biocontrol strain.

P 0,001 compared with the varieties Mibuna and Mizuna.
Selenium content in soil and plants was determined fluorometrically using fluorimeter MPF 2A Japan 7 , the content of other micro and macroelements by atomic absorption spectrometry on the device Analyst 200 “Perkin Elmer”, USA 8 . Statistical processing of data was performed using the Student criterion.

каналопромывочная установка
USA particle size 100 200 mesh coated with 3 OV 225. Distillation of samples was performed during 100 min at the temperature of 180 °C the temperature of evaporator and detector  respectively, 210 and 240 °C flow of gas carrier nitrogen , hydrogen and air – respectively,  25, 60 and 300 ml min. Partial fatty acids were identified by comparing with standards “Sigma”,

Effects of bovine leukemia virus infection on milk neutrophil function and the milk lymphocyte profile.
Med ., 2003, 61 4 : 249 262 . Gillet N., Florins A., Boxus M., Burteau C., Nigro A., Vandermeers F., Balon H., Bouzar A.B., Defoiche J. Mechanisms of leukemogenesis induced by bovine leukemia virus: prospects for novel anti retroviral therapies in human. Retrovirology , 2007, 4: 18 Polat M., Takeshima

Key words: development biology, theory of plant ontogenesis.
Key words: development biology, theory of plant ontogenesis. Биология развития как общебиологическая дисциплина формировалась по двум направлениям ЂЂЂ механика развития и генетика развития. Ее основные успехи были связаны с исследованиями, которые проводились на животных Ч. Дарвин, Э. Геккель , послуживших первыми экспериментальными объектами 1,

Dawson T.J., McLeod S.R., Dennis T., Maloney S.K.
The analysis of blood metabolic profiles revealed the higher concentrations of glucose and creatinine, the higher albumin to globulin ratio, and the reduced cholesterol level in the hybrid animals compared to the purebred Romanov sheep. Therefore, the obtained data indicate that the metabolic processes are more intense in the hybrids than that in the purebred sheep.

LRR gene family from sequenced plant genomes and rapid mapping of resistance loci in segregating populations.
All these races contained the virulent allele, and race 11 comprised both avirulent and virulent alleles. The molecular and phytopathological evidence for Avr and r genes, respectively, matched only in 30 of races. Probably, these discrepancies are due to the accumulation of mutations in the Avr genes of differential races in the course of their long term maintenance in the collection and more complex composition of

программа для самостоятельного создания сайта
The data analysis was performed upon the bulls sires who produced at least 15 daughters n = 38 . Results. The average duration of using animal in herds did not exceed 2,13 years 779 ± 9 days . The largest number of cows 33,0 retired due to gynecological diseases, troublesome calving and their aftertroubles,

Vavilovskii zhurnal genetiki i selektsii , 2015, 19 2 :
Despite high yield production, the dispersion in the group 3 which includes Kurchanka and the model variety was 3 times as much as in other groups. Therefore, stability of the varieties was lower in this cluster group 3 as compared to the first and the second clusters groups 1 and 2 . Keywords: rice,

Reproduktsiya zhivotnykh Animal reproduction . Moscow,
The lowest embryo recovery less than one embryo per procedure was observed in group III with the relative area of yellow bodies of 30.2±2.56 and the average number of the yellow bodies of 1.8±0.18. Comparison of the size of the yellow bodies before the induction of polyovulation and data characterizing the efficiency of induction of superovulation and recovery of embryos showed that in animals with a ratio of the areas of the yellow body and ovary more than 50 ,

Clavibacter michiganensis subsp . sepedonicus штамм 5369 при разной температуре культивирования в жидкой картофельной среде:
Burkh. Бактерии культивировали на твердом картофельном агаре с 1,5 глюкозы 5 в течение 5 6 сут, затем стационарно без аэрации на жидкой картофельной  среде с 1,5 глюкозы 5 в течение 3 сут при 25 °С. После этого колбы с культурами помещали в термостат 4, 25 и 38 °С и каждые сутки подсчитывали титр бактериальных клеток.

Fig. 1, see the third page of cover . These spectral regions of fluorescence are peculiar to,
In human, this threshold amounts to 30 according to D.P. Evenson et al. 3 . The degree of DNA fragmentation can determined in semen using direct and indirect techniques. Indirect techniques reveal the current degree of chromatin fragmentation, while direct ones evaluate DNA capability to fragmentation due to various reasons.

стальной канат
Ro1 rA = 0.59, rs = 0.72 0.79 , and between the marker N L25 of Sen1 gene and potato resistance to wart rA = 0.62 . No association was detected between Ry adg and Ry sto molecular markers and plant resistance to potato virus Y due to a large number of tested resistant potato genotypes which possibly carry unknown immunity genes.

Hydrogen peroxide in both experimental doses contributed to the rise of
SOD, conv. units mg protein min B: GR, uMol NADPH mg protein min C: GSSG GSH D: GG, uMol conjugate mg protein min These data demonstrate the ability of Н 2 О 2 to regulate SOD activity in chloroplasts regardless of its synthesis de novo. Enhanced activity of the enzyme induced by H2O2 micromolar concentrations was previously described in

Impact of plant growth promoting Bacillus subtilis on growth and physiological parameters of
B. subtilis 10 4 provide the maximum effect. Keywords: Bacillus subtilis , photosynthetic pigments, hydrolases, sugar, proline, sucrose, Alternaria alternata , resistance, productivity, Beta vulgaris L., sugar beet. REFERENCES Shamilev R.V., Shamilev S.R. Sovremennye problemy nauki i obrazovaniya ,

Stan badan nad introdukcija do Polsky wrogow naturalnych stronki ziemnisczanej
PCR analysis, molecular genetic similarity, Colorado beetle, entomophages, biocontrol. REFERENCES Sablon L., Dickens J.C., Haubruge É ., Verheggen F.J. Chemical ecology of the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae , and Potential for Alternative Control

Biosfera , 2014, 6 1 : 36 45 in Russ. . Fiehn O.,
Fusarium resistance identified during the study of oat accessions should be regarded as strictly preliminary, since they are the outcome of only one year of field trials. However, the year in consideration was characterized by extremely favorable conditions for the development of parasitic Fusarium fungi with all immanent consequences.

шубы из эко шуба меха купить
Also, the ontology contains more than 25 types of interactions that describe various relationships between the above listed objects, including molecular interactions, regulatory events and associative links. More than 5 thousand semantic templates were created to extract information about the interactions.

Hossain M.S., Szczyglowski K., Morieri G. Rearrangement of actin cytoskeleton mediates invasion of
In the initial line, senescence was induced only in four week old nodules, and microtubule depolymerization was also observed in senescent cells. Thus, the complete depolymerization of microtubules in various types of nodule cells can be a cytological marker of its senescence. Keywords: legume rhizobial symbiosis,

Biopreparaty v sel skom khozyaistve. Metodologiya i praktika primeneniya mikroorganizmov v rastenievodstve i kormoproizvodstve
The titer of the spores and the larvicidity of the 71 strain were at the initial level after one year of storage on MPA in tubes with paraffinized plugs when reseeded every 6 months. These indicators decreased, respectively, by 12 and 16 in a year and by 25 27 after 2 years of storage. Cryopreservation of the 87a strain provided stability of titer and larvicidal activity after 10 years.

Agricultural science and education in Tyumen region:
Tsentry proiskhozhdeniya kul turnykh rastenii Centers of origin of crop plants . Leningrad, 1926 in Russ. . Zhukovskii P.M. Kul turnye rasteniya i ikh sorodichi Crop wild relatives . Leningrad, 1971 in Russ. . Dvorak J., Luo M. C., Akhunov E.D. N.I. Vavilov s theory of centres of diversity in the light of current understanding of wheat diversity,

A., Sokornova S. Production and stabilization of mycoherbicides.
Drying of harvest mycelium, humidity 85 87 , was carried out in a thin layer 1 2 mm with flowing air at 30 °C without protectors for 3 hours. The highest yield of mycelium is when the carbon source in the nutrient medium is L inositol. When inositol is substituted with sucrose or D sorbitol, the biomass yield reduces by 25 .

оборудование гидроабразивной резки
II — телята, не получившие молозиво матери без колостральных антител .   Содержание вирус специфических антител к ВЛКРС в сыворотке крови больных телят, рожденных от РИД положительных коров черно пестрой породы : 1 — животные, своевременно получившие материнское молозиво, 2 — животные, не получившие молозиво,

Springer, Cham, 2015: 299 321 Latva Mäenpää H.
The total yield of fruit bodies of the first and second waves cultivated on substrates with pretreated pine sawdust was 8.0 dry wt., on substrate with untreated sawdust — 3.9 dry wt. The yield of fruit bodies reduced significantly during cultivation of H. erinaceus on a substrate with beech sawdust after sulfuric acid pretreatment.

Aegilops tauschii into common wheat. The Crop Journal ,
Od.1530.94 Ae. squarrosa 392 , Ukr. Od.1530.94 Ae. squarrosa 1027 , and Langdon Ae. squarrosa had the highest thousand kernel weight. Lines No. 8 Ukr. Od.1530.94 Ae. squarrosa 392 , No. 37 Ukr. Od.1530.94 Ae. squarrosa 310 , No. 44, 46 Ukr. Od.1530.94 Ae. squarrosa 1027 , No. 27 Leuc 84693 Ae. squarrosa 392 ,

This structure ensures stable temperature and minimum humidity in the storage unit.
Dewar vessels with liquid nitrogen, cryotanks and low temperature freezers has significant flaws and can’t provide neither a stable temperature nor safety of deposited culture. These technical imperfections significantly deteriorate the quality of cryopreserved biological material and allow unauthorized access to commercial strains.

Ismail D., Ses wandhana R., Persson L.A. A community based randomized controlled trial of iron and zinc supplementation in
L arginine were described in literature . Keywords: nanoparticles of iron and cobalt, broiler chicks, growth intensity, chemical elements. REFERENCES Goyer R.A. Toxic and essential metal interactions. Annu. Rev. Nutr ., 1997, 17: 37 50. Notova S.V., Miroshnikov S.A., Bolodurina I.P., Didikina E.V. Vestnik

купить турецкую одежду оптом
A hitherto unrecorded disease of fowls due to alter passing virus. J. Comp. Pathol. Theory , 1927, 40 1 : 44 69. Kaleta E.F., Baldaus C. Newcastle disease in free living and pet birds. In: Newcastle disease . D.J. Alexander ed. . Kluwer Acad. Publ., Boston, 1988: 197 246 Kim L.M., King D.J., Curry P.E.,

F . poae из регионов, где в разные годы регистрировалась АТА,
Fu sarium poae , представленных на зерне колосовых культур Число изолятов, шт. Всего продуцентов Интенсивность токсинообразования пределы значений, мг кг субстрата число продуцентов, шт. количество токсина, мг кг субстрата среднее З е а р а л е н о н Уральский регион 78 47 60,2 0,01 0,1 22 0,02¸ 0,09 0,06 0,1 1,0 24 0,1¸ 0,3 0,2 1,0 10 1 1,6 10 100 – За падно Сибирский регион 100 21 21,0 0,01 0,1 11 0,06¸ 0,09 0,07 0,1 1,0 10 0,1¸ 0,3 0,2 1,0 10 – 10 100 – Т 2 т о к с и н Уральский регион 78 34 43,6 0,001 0,01 5 0,006¸ 0,008 0,007 0,01 0,1 27 0,01¸ 0,08 0,03 0,1 1,0 2 0,4¸ 0,6 0,5 Западно Сибирский регион 100 62 62,0 0,001 0,01 1 0,008 0,01 0,1 47 0,01¸ 0,08 0,03 0,1 1,0 14 0,1¸ 0,9 0,1 П р и м е ч а н и е.

GajД™cki M. Diagnostic significance of selected analytical indicators of zearalenone mycotoxicosis in animals.
Activity of blood alanine and aspartate aminotransferases was 40.5 and 61.3 СЂ &le 0.01 higher, respectively, compared to the control rats. We also revealed exudative hemorrhagic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, thin and thick intestine, swelling and plethora of the lungs, enlarged liver,

II группа к сбалансированному рациону после создания в организме дефицита микроэлементов привело к значительному равномерному увеличению интенсивности ШИК реакции во всех гепатоцитах ЂЂЂ как центролобулярных,
III групп. Животных последней, контрольной группы К оставляли на рационе предварительного периода эксперимента. Токсические дозировки рассчитывали согласно рекомендациям 5 . Убой животных проводили методом декапитации под эфирным рауш наркозом. Образцы печени для гистологических исследований фиксировали в 10 растворе нейтрального формалина с последующим изготовлением серийных парафиновых срезов толщиной 5 7 мкм.

QTLs for shoot length and chlorophyll content of rice seedlings grown under low temperature conditions,
Thus, in this study using original technique to simplifies identification of the loci of interest we have identified 8 chromosomal regions associated with early growth rate in Russian rice varieties. Keywords: Oryza sativa L., rice, molecular markers, genetics, growth rate, early stages of ontogenesis,

сварная тележка грузовых вагонов
L. , mixed stands, supporting crops, sowing rate, yield, seeds, seed quality. REFERENCES Dhima K.V., Lithourgidis A.S., Vasilakoglou I.B., Dordas C.A. Competition indices of common vetch and cereal intercrops in two seeding ratio. Field Crops Research , 2007, 100 2 : 249 256 Erol A., Kaplan M., Kizilsimsek

Leonov K.V. Etiopatogenez i korrektsiya poslerodovykh i neonatal nykh patologiei v molochnom skotovodstve monografiya
The bull sires aged 2.5 to 5 years are found to be more adaptive to the effects of various environmental factors. It is determined that the culling rate of the native semen samples by the activity parameter decreases with increasing the atmospheric pressure. The distinct dependency of the decrease in motility of sperm after the incubation at 38 °С from the increase in the atmospheric pressure was revealed.

Palmas W., Martinez W., Branstetter A., Ramakrishnan
Haruaoba and Marion. As a result, a rapid method was offered for evaluation of oat genotypes, which makes it possible to divide accessions into two contrasting groups: with maximum and minimum content of &beta glucans in grain, considerably differing in both chemical and physical parameters. This method does not require expensive chemical agents or complex equipment,

I., Mi&scaron ovic M.M., Filipovic M., Kojic L. A study of functioning of thylakoid membranes in inbred lines of maize
Savremeni programi oplemenjivanja kukuruza. Zbornik radova Naucnog skupa «Genetika i oplemenjivanje kukuruza — dostignuca i nove mogucnosti», 11 12 decembar 1986, Beograd, Jugoslavija . Beograd, 1986: 77 94. Hallauer A.R. Modern methods in maize breeding. Proc. Workshop on Maize Breeding and Maize Production

Ethylene inhibitors improve efficiency of microspore embryogenesis in hexaploid triticale.
All the variants in the experiment showed a significant increase in the rate of regeneration compared to the control with no zeatin added. In embryos transplanted from the medium containing 0.6 mg l zeatin the rate of green plant regeneration was the highest reaching 6.3 pcs 100 anthers. It has been established that addition of zeatin and the effect of genotype were the statistically significant factors for androgenic structure formation and regeneration.

Theriogenology , 2014, 81 5 : 744 751 De Duve C.,
The theoretical positions stated in the article have passed primary validation in model experiments on intensively fattened bulls with the use of clenbuterol, the agonist of beta adrenergic receptors. Keywords: regulation of metabolism, peroxisomes, glyoxylate cycle, D amino acid oxidase, glyoxylate,

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