Pivovarov V.F. To 90-anniversary of all-russian scientific research institute of selection and seed production of vegetable crops (VNIISSOK): hystory, achievements, priorities more

Sedov E.N., Gryuner L.A.The oldest Russian institute of fruit crops breeding more

Sedov E.N., Levgerova N.S., Salina E.S. e.a. Selection and creation of apple varieties for juice production more

Makarkina M.A., Gryuner L.A., Yanchuk T.V. e.a. Content of pectines in apples in the conditions of Russian centrally-chernozem region more

Golyaeva O.D. Breeding estimation of red currant hybrid families more

Leonicheva E.V., Motyleva S.M., Kuznetsov M.N. e.a. Formation of microelement’s composition in berry plants in the conditions of higher content of heavy metals in the soil 

Klimushina M.V., Kroupin P.Yu., Divashuk M.G. e.a. About optimization of molecular labeling of wheat waxy-genes for MAS-selection more

Kadyrova G.D., Kadyrova F.Z., Martirosyan E.V. e.a. Analysis of genomic diversity of samples and cultivars in common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) by the ISSR-method more

Knyazev A.V., Vershinina Z.R., Baimiev A.Kh. e.a. Genetic transformation of Brassica napus L. Hanna variety with the help of Agrobacterium tumefaciens aglo more

Guchetl’ S.Z., Antonova T.S., Chelyustnikova T.A. e.a. Intraspecific polymorphism in sunflower false mildew revealed by molecular markers more

D’yachuk T.I., Khomyakova O.V., Dugina T.O. Cytological evidence of sporophyte development of microspores in culture of triticale anthers without cold treatment more

Verba V.M., Mamedov M.I., Pyshnaya O.N. e.a. Isolation of eggplant interspecific hybrids by the method of embryo culture more

Goncharova Yu.K. Inheritance of determinants specific for physiological heterosis basis in rice hybrids more

Shatskaya O.A. Haploinductors isolation in maize: three cycles of selection on high frequency of induction of matroclinal haploids  more

Baturin S.O., Ambros E.V. Peculiarities of the seed germination of agamospermic seedlings Fragaria х ananassa Duch. in different breeding systems more

Sergeeva N.N., Buntsevich L.L. Morphogenetic features of development and the feed regime of an apple-tree in the conditions of south of Russia more

Timofeev N.P. Growth and biosynthesis ecdysteroids in Rhaponticum carthamoides (Willd.) Iljin under the influence of edaphic factors  more

Voitsekhovskaya S.A., Sotnikova N.V., Verkhoturova G.S. e.a. Features of metabolic adaptability in amaranth plants in the conditions of hypobaric hypoxia  more

Malyarovskaya V.I., Belous O.G. About water relationships of Hydrangea macrophylla Ser. in the conditions of Russian subtropics more

Androsov G.K., Simonov V.Yu. Distribution of pathogenic fungi in agrobiocenosis with various level of radionuclide pollution in Bryanskaya oblast’ more   

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