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Yu.I. Zabudskii

Russian State Agrarian Correspondence University, 1, ul. Fuchika, Balashikha, Moscow Province, 143900 Russia, e-mail

Zabudskii Yu.I.

Received May 14, 2019


Storage of eggs causes the death of the blastoderm cells, including necrosis and apoptosis (S. Bloom et al., 1998). Depending on the storage conditions (duration, temperature, and air humidity), the physicochemical parameters of egg ingredients vary. Water and CO2 move through the shell, leading to an increase in pH of the albumen and yolk, which changes the activity of enzymes, reduces bactericidal properties of albumen and yolk. Violation of amino acid composition and ratio is characteristic of the yolk, and lipid peroxidation is developing (M.N. Argunov et al., 2015). Destruction and increased permeability of the vitelline membrane and the internal eggshell membranes occur. The secondary sexual ratio shifts (M. McDonald, 1960; M. Tagirov, 2010; M. Boerjan, 2016). The efficiency of egg incubation decreases as well as chick yield (G. Fasenko, 1992; V. Christensen et al., 2001; K. Tona et al., 2003; P. Hristakieva, 2011; D. Terčič et al., 2016). Immunocompetence of chickens hatched from stored eggs lowers (M. Goliomytis et al., 2015). These hatchlings need elevated temperature of environment during the first weeks of life (S. Yalcin et al., 2014). Haugh units, albumen and yolk indexes, albumen pH, etc., being indicators of the stored egg quality (P. Tsarenko, 2015), vary depending on genotype, age and feeding, the stress of the parents, and the season. Each next day of storage following 2 days post egg laying needs an additional one-hour incubation period for compensation. The degree of embryo development in the freshly laid eggs is not the same in different bird species. The stage of embryogenesis depends on age, mother’s type of use (for eggs, for meat, or for dual use), and the order of the egg in the cycle of egg laying. Eggs with embryos which reach the gastrula stage are less sensitive to storage (I. Reijrink et al., 2008). Reduced hatching can be partially leveled by different methods, including heating during storage which provides development to the specified stage of embryogenesis (I. Kosin, 1956; M. Petek et al, 2004; Y. Piestun et al, 2013; D. Nicholson et al., 2013; L. Dyadichkina et al., 2016). Their positive effect is limited by the egg quality, modes of storage and heating (temperature, frequency and duration of exposure), as well as incubation.

Keywords: poultry, egg hatching, storage, ontogenesis, quality assessment methods, preventive methods.



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