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E.V. Ganzha, M.A. Bannikova, L.M. Fedorova, E.V. Mikodina

The authors discussed the prospects in application of transgenic technologies for commodity production of fish in commercial aquarium, for the use of fish as bioindikator organism with clear determinate pathological symptoms (for instance, for ecological monitoring, valuation of risk, influence of acute exposure of high doses and chronic effect of small doses of chemical compounds), and also the creation of DNA-vaccines of new generation, raising the safety of fish in aquaculture. The authors marked the necessity of fundamental genetic, biochemical, physiological investigations both mechanisms and consequence of expression of incorporated gene construction, as far as on genetically modified (GM) fish such works are carried out in extremely limited volume. The problem of support of biosafety of GM fish species for natural cenosis was considered. The special attention the author devoted to the application of GM in artificial fish food, that result in the involvement of GM organisms (GMO) in food chain, and to the problems of food security in connection with globalization and monopolization of GMO market.

Keywords: aquaculture, agriculture, GMO, GMO in fish artificial feeds, safe production.

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