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N.A. Provorov, N.I. Vorobyov

The structural and functional integrity of plant-microbe symbioses represents their fundamental property expressed at the organismic, cellular, molecular-genetic and population levels. Using the mathematical model this integrity is represented as a degree of concordance of adaptive reactions (alterations of the partners’ frequencies) for the environmental changes. The indices of symbiosis integrity determined using the partners’ frequencies co-variation correlate to the symbiosis efficiency determined as its impacts on the partners’ reproductive activities. The computer experiments suggest that efficiency and integrity of symbiosis may increase in parallel under impacts of natural selection. The developed model may be used to create the symbioses genetic structures ensuring the high plant productivity.

Keywords: microbe-plant interactions, evolution of symbiosis, mathematical simulation, symbiotic N2 fixation, nodule bacteria, ecologically sustainable agriculture, structures of symbioses ensuring high plant productivity.

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