doi: 10.15389/agrobiology.2013.2.58eng

UDC 636.52/.58:573.6.086.83:636.082


N.A. Volkova1, L.A. Volkova1, I.K. Fomin1, N.A. Zinovieva1, L.Sh. Gorelik2, N.S. Lotsmanova3

1All-Russian Research Institute of Animal Husbandry, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences,
pos. Dubrovitsy, Moscow Rrovince, 142132 Russia,
2Ural State Academy of Veterinary Medicine,
13, ul. Gagarina, Troitsk, Chelyabinsk Province, 457100 Russia,
3Base Medical College № 15 of Moscow Healthcare Department,
4a, ul. Shakuleva, Moscow, 109263 Russia,

Received January 19, 2013


The efficiency was investigated of transfer of exogenous DNA to chicken embryos in vivo with the use of retroviral vectors. The gene construction involves a marker gene GFT under control of promoter of yearly genes of human cytomegalovirus CMV IE (pLNCgfp) or promoter of Moloney leukemia virus Mo-MuLV (pLgfpSN). Two packing lines GP + envAM12 and PT67 were used for the delivery of retroviral vectors. It was established the high efficiency of embryo transformation with the use of pLNCgfp gene construction (up to 18.8 %). The expression of marker gene was demonstrated in cells of 5- and 15-day age chicken embryos.

Keywords: cell engineering, transgenesis, retrovirus vectors, chicken.


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