doi: 10.15389/agrobiology.2013.1.74eng

UDC 633.11:632.937.14:577.21


L.G. Tyryshkin, V.G. Zakharov, V.V. Syukov

N.I. Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences,
44, ul. Bolshaya Morskaya, St. Petersburg, 190000 Russia,

Received April 9, 2012

In accordance with current conception the genes of resistance of soft wheat to leaf rust divided into genes of juvenile and age resistance. The authors studied the virulence of monopustular isolates of disease agent to juvenile and adult plants of isogenic lines of the Thatcher variety and wheat varieties with different Lr genes of resistance. It was shown, that Lr12, Lr13, Lr34, Lr35, Lr46, Lr48 and Lr49 genes, relating to genes of age resistance, determine the resistance to some agent' s isolates also in juvenile plants. The Lr1, Lr10, Lr14а, Lr15, Lr20, Lr23, Lr26, Lr34, Lr36, Lr37 genes, which in set articles were related to genes of juvenile resistance, against individual pathogen isolates manifest properties of juvenile resistance genes, and the beginning of their expression in different leaf level depends on pathogen isolate.

Keywords: wheat, leaf rust, juvenile resistance, adult resistance, genes for resistance.


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